Our Philosophy

As the birthplace of West Virginia and an early industrial hub along the Ohio River, Wheeling holds a unique place in American history. Its designation by Congress as a National Heritage Area provides an effective way to tell the stories of its rich cultural past and to conserve its natural and historic resources.


In 2016, Reinvent Wheeling, the city’s Main Street program, merged with Wheeling Heritage. As a Main Street West Virginia Community, Wheeling Heritage added programs the focus on business development, city planning and public art.


Since our inception in 1994 as a 501(c)(3) organization, Wheeling Heritage has leveraged funding and expertise to play an integral role in shaping the city’s redevelopment. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for the revitalization of Wheeling.

We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Recognizing, communicating, and preserving Wheeling’s heritage
  • Focusing investments in downtown and the riverfront area
  • Actively collaborating with others, including through public/private partnerships
  • Engaging the citizens of Wheeling in our projects, programs and activities, to the benefit of all

Our Vision

Wheeling’s economic future is enhanced, providing new employment opportunities and economic revitalization through preservation and utilization of the  Wheeling National Heritage Area’s natural setting and historic resources.


Our Goals

Public Awareness
& Identity

We promote our mission to Wheeling’s citizens and public officials, to ensure support and understanding of how we provide vision, leadership, and resources for the community.


We support the preservation and development of historic districts and public spaces. We encourage public and private entities in Wheeling to appreciate and value historic resources within the community, and we assist others to achieve appropriate preservation and reuse.


& Education

We tell the stories that connect people with their roots. Through the interpretation of cultural assets, we underscore Wheeling’s importance in the national story, including its roles in transportation, commerce, and conflict, as well as the important contribution of the city’s resources to these themes.

Economic & Community Development

We create projects and partnerships that lead to real development in Wheeling. Our projects build a sense of vitality in the core of the city. Our work impacts the local economy and encourages new and expanded shopping, office, recreational, entertainment, and residential opportunities in the Wheeling National Heritage Area.


We encourage citizens and visitors to appreciate the natural and built beauty of Wheeling’s resources and their place in history. We engage residents and visitors through public activities that enliven the city and contribute to its economic vitality.


We assist the community and its public and private institutions to act cooperatively to preserve and use the community’s heritage to advance revitalization and reinvestment initiatives, developing sources of income that can sustain the organization and lead to continued successes for the community.

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